AstralPool ZX 100 Cartridge Filter

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Compared to conventional single speed pumps, the Viron eVo pump will save between $700 and $1,200 every year in operating costs!


Most swimming pools are effectively filtered and sanitised with flow rates ranging from 120 to 200 litres per minute.


In fact they will never require more than 250 to 300 litres per minute for tasks such as cleaning the filter or vacuuming the pool, and for these the Viron P320 eVo is ideal.


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The ZX cartridge filter achieves remarkable water filtration and clarity but is also environmentally friendly and responsible.

The ZX cartridge filter reduces maintenance while saving thousands of litres of water every year. It takes just 100 litres of water to clean the antimicrobial elements instead of backwashing thousands of litres to clean a sand filter. The ZX cartridge filter makes it easier to be responsible with water.

Manual air bleeding is no longer necessary. The ZX cartridge filter has a built in automatic air bleed system. The 50mm water connections glue in for fast installation and has the capacity to handle high flow rates.


Features and Benefits


* Oil filled pressure gauge for accurate readings and long life.


* Easy to remove lid – lifts off gently when unwinding the large lock ring.


* Self lock on lock ring prevents over tightening and locks in position to prevent accidental loosening.


* 3 inlets and 1 outlet enable easy position and replacement of older cartridge filters.


* Barrel union connections enable easy service and replacement in future.


* Less maintenance required.


* Antimicrobial elements used for cleaner waterFlexible configuration.


* Available in 6 different sizes.



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