Infinity Edge

Infinity Edge PoolAn infinity edge pool is a custom designed to create a visual effect of the water extending into the horizon. 

This is a popular design in hillside locations and sites with ocean views.

We guarantee your infinity pool is designed and constructed to the precise engineering and hydraulic specifications required for your individual design.


Wet Deck Pool

 Wet Deck

A wet deck or deck level pool is designed to blend seamlessly into the pool surrounds.

A gutter surrounding the pool acts as an overflow catchment which is linked to an underground hidden balance tank.  The Gutter can be finished with a grate or can be hidden so as to blend in with your paving creating an illusion of the water disappearing into the paving.

This design is becoming more and more popular, not only because of its sleek contemporary look but also because of its functionality as a superior filtration system.  Tropical Pools are experts in the design and construction of deck level pools.