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The HydroSpin is a hydrocyclone pre-filter cleaning device that can be fitted to your filtration system for new and existing installations. It is fitted between the pump and the filter to separate out solids of up to 40 micron, thus reducing half the amount of water consumed when cleaning the filtration system.

HydroSpin has a device for collecting solids with three separate areas (settling, clarifying and thickening).


The HydroSpin can be cleaned using just five litres of water without having to stop the pump


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Ideal for the average sized pool, the P320 eVo has a flow rate sufficient to back wash up to 30″ or 800mm diameter sand filters, provide a powerful vacuum when cleaning the pool and drive up to 6 spa jets.


The large liquid crystal display clearly shows the RPM of the motor and enables adjustment of the start up priming time, priming flow rate, and visual display of each speed setting.


The inbuilt 24 hour timer is easily enabled and provides up to four time periods each day with different speed settings to provide the perfect flow rate for your pool.


Features and Benefits


* Save up to 50% of the amount of water used to clean your filter.


* Considerable reduction in filter cleaning operation.


* Low head pressure losses that make it possible to install without the need to change the existing pump.


* Can be fitted to the wall with the accessories provided.


* Supplied with a standard 50mm connections for water inflow and outflow and 32mm for the evacuation of dirt.


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